Connect Kiwapp Team with your current CRM solutions

Use Kiwapp Team to synchronize and consolidate all your content and favorite solutions on the same app:

  • Access to updated customer data, reports, histories, with Salesforce, SAP and Pipedrive.
  • Store your shared data on Dropbox
  • Kiwapp optimizes your Mailchimp email campaigns by providing up-to-date data
  • CRM solutions

    Presentation & Product info

    Want to provide updated info for your teams?

    Keep at their fingertips all the information concerning your company and the products you sell. Thanks to Kiwapp Team synchronized container, all your product info will always be up to date with the latest: features, prices, pictures, etc. With only a few clicks, share your company content with your entire network in real-time.

    Increase Sales
    Advanced product information
    Check product availability
    Update info on-the-go
    Presentation and Product Info


    Looking to train your sales team and keep them informed on your company and products?

    Share all the documents and applications necessary to your sales teams, such as: commercial knowledge, product training, competitors’ analysis, market surveys, FAQ, itenaries, checklist, sales tools, quizz, multiple choice questions, games app, etc. Save time informing your co-workers whenever your share new content. Notify them and grant access through their smart devices!

    Trained sales team
    Increased efficiency
    Latest updates and innovations
    Measure use of shared documents
    Training application

    Customer data

    Want to manage your customer data in a few seconds?

    Allow your salesteam to access and update all their customer data from
    their smart device (contact info, historic report, turnover, etc.). They will be able to prepare their meetings, update documents and share them with their co-workers and management directly from their device. The email option allows one to share documents with customers from anywhere. Optimize the way your work and connect with CRM tools: Salesforce, SAP,...

    Effective PRM/CRM management
    Real-time synchronization and updates
    Optimized on-the-go customer interaction
    Close new deals anytime, anywhere
    Customer data