Deploy your files in real time

Deploy your files in real time

Provide up-to-date specific content to your teams:

  • All document formats: PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Videos, Photos
  • Instant opening of all documents, even heavy ones
  • Automatic and instant synchronization
  • Specific deployment per specific sales team group

Use of modern tools and services

  • Deploy choice helper services:
    • Choice helper
    • Product catalogue
    • Customer survey
    • Feedback form
  • Access to your CRM & ERP tools: Pipedrive, Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics
  • Automatic tool update
  • Sign your contracts during your appointments
Use of modern tools and services

Access of content online & offline

Access of content online & offline
  • Storage of documents & applications on tablets or smartphones
  • Use of forms even in offline mode
  • Automatic synchronization of documents, forms & statistics when connected to the network

Get automatic feedbacks

Statistics per application:

  • Openings per app / per user / per group
  • Top 10 most used apps

Statistics per library :

  • Openings per library / per user / per group
  • Top 10 most used libraries

Statistics per document :

  • Openings per document / per user / per group
  • Top 20 most used documents
Get automatic feedbacks

Manage all your users

Manage all your users
  • Invitation of new users by email
  • Sharing of content with specific user
  • Device Managent per user

How doest it work? Kiwapp Team in 4 steps

  • Upload your apps & librairies

    Upload apps and libraries

    Import your content: applications (product catalogue, product sheet, customer prospection, quotation, etc) and libraries (pdf., word, xls, etc.) or pick up a template from our gallery.

    • Upload your apps and libraries & configure your settings
    • or
    • Select a template from the Kiwapp Team gallery: product sheet, customer prospection, quotation, etc.

  • Share your docs & apps with your team
    using our advanced features

    Share your apps & docs
    • Share your content with groups or select specific users
    • Add/delete/update shared content within minutes
    • Modify content for specific team users

    • Remotely manage your content
    • Configure updates in real-time or for any given date/time
    • Update your content remotely and share it with your group
    • Delete apps and docs remotely
    Share with your team
  • Manage your user groups

    Manage your groups
    Manage all your team members from a single interface
    • Create specific groups
    • Invite users to your group by email

    • Share content with specific user groups
    • Add/delete users
    • Share specific content for each team group
    • Share libraries and apps with your group
    • Update/delete content instantly
  • Analyze & monitor your devices

    Analyze and monitor your devices

    Monitor the statuses of all your in-store devices in real-time

    • List of online/offline tablets within your tablet network
    • Battery levels of each devices
    • Available memory
    • System versions in use

    Take advantage of your new interactive services and measure your ROI

    • Most frequently used apps and documents
    • Statistic use per tablet/per day/per hour
    • Compare usage of differents users